Yep, we sell our cute bar carts too!

I started my mobile bartending company with our camper bar “Betsy” and soon realized that I was receiving a lot of inquiries that either didn’t have the space to place the camper or didn’t have the budget.  I needed another option I could sell them.  All the portable bars I was seeing on the market were either too big to fit in a normal car, too heavy to carry solo or were NOT the vibe…. So, I designed and built my own!

Our bars are super portable and break down into 8 lightweight pieces. They are even designed to fit in the back of any four-door vehicle making them easily transported by a single person.

I created this design with small businesses and mobile bar owners in mind and now manufacture them here in HTX!

Want to pick my brain?
I offer consulting services!

After more than two decades in the restaurant industry, a degree in Culinary Arts from CIA Hyde Park, and over 5 years of running my own successful mobile bartending business that brings in multiple 6 figures a year, I would say that I’m qualified to give advice!

Whether you’re just starting out and building your bar, need help with pricing, liquor laws, growing your business, or marketing; I’m happy to offer advice and guidance on the things that helped me succeed and help you avoid the mistakes I made along the way!

This consultation will include an hour coaching session.  Once you book a session, you will be sent a link to schedule a call.  Following this, we will send over a questionnaire to better understand what you would like this call to entail so we can make the most of our time together.

Consultation: $250

Purchase 5 sessions and receive 20% off 

Traveling Spirit Cart Co. Manual

This manual includes:

  • Kegging information for beer, wine and cocktails on tap as well as an equipment list and links for where to purchase
  • Sample proposals and cost analysis
  • Our Packsheet
  • Over 25 cocktail recipes including 2.5-gal and 5-gal keg conversions
  • Marketing guide and tons of helpful tips and tricks!!!